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Jonathan Henderson

Jonathan Henderson

Team Chaplain


Jonathan Henderson has dedicated over 25 years to pastoral ministry, spreading the gospel across the globe. His journey began at Pacific Union College, where he not only played basketball but also earned a BA in Theology.

Jonathan’s professional ministry started in 1998 at PUC as an outreach minister, later moving to the Campus Hill Church in Loma Linda, CA. There, he led a multicultural Friday night worship service that blossomed from 40 to 500 attendees. In 2003, Jonathan became the lead pastor at Grand Advent Church in Oakland, CA, where under his leadership, the congregation expanded from 25 to 400 members, focusing significantly on aiding the homeless community.

He returned to PUC in 2014 as the lead chaplain, then served at the Vallejo Central SDA Church in the Bay Area for five years. Jonathan is also an accomplished author, with his book “Worth Every Drop: God’s Relentless Pursuit to Prove You Matter,” second edition released in 2021. Growing up in Southern California as a sports enthusiast, Jonathan is delighted to be back in the region, now serving as the pastor of the Vallejo Drive SDA Church in Glendale, CA. His extensive experience in pastoral work and his commitment to community service highlight his impactful career in ministry.